Colorado State Fair

by Touring Mama on September 16, 2010

Liz has her first experience milking a cow

You don’t have to travel to far flung corners of the globe to have unique cultural experiences. A mere 2 hours from home we can attend the State Fair. This two week extravaganza contains plenty of kitsch, but also plenty of good lessons in differences of how people choose to live. We visited the fair on Fiesta Day so just for fun we got a little Mexican culture mixed in with our Farm Culture. Elizabeth enjoyed the dancers and music.

Andrew practices his cattle roping

Andrew practices his cattle roping

My kids have lived their whole lives in a single family home in the suburbs. This environment is full of cars and houses with individual lawns. For a few months they lived in apartment buildings in bustling Chinese cities full of people and bicycles and subways. They have never spent much time on a farm though.

We once spent the night at a ranch owned by one of my friend’s parents and watched calves being branded. My friends were surprised at the frankness of my answers when the kids asked what happens to all the cows. Every year or two we visit the State Fair or the stock show and get up close and personal with the animals that produce and become our food. I think these experiences are just as important as any travel to see cultures in other countries.

Driving a tractor wearing Greece caps next to the Nija Beef stand - How multicultural can you get?

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