Adventures in Street Food

by Touring Mama on February 17, 2010

Some travelers are scared of street food.  Not touring Tykes.  We find that street food is fast, fresh, cheap and generally (but not always) delicious.  Look for other adventures in street food.

We had the most amazing hot dogs today.  Hot dogs were not what I expected when I ordered a sandwich with salami and cheese, but that is what we got.  The kids were starving and we tried to stop by a pizza place, but it was closed.  A little further down the road we came across a food truck parked in a little pull out.  I figured that this would be fast and cheap so we pulled over.  The only two words in Greek I have managed to master in the past 5 days are hello and thank you – so that didn’t get me too far in ordering.  He knew a few English words and as I mentioned I thought I was ordering a salami and cheese sandwich.  This was not going to be a hit with the kids, but sometimes any food will do.  What I ended up with was two sausages (much better than American hot dogs) on a fresh toasted baguette with fresh tomatoes and french fries covered with melted cheese.  The kids were thrilled!  What could be better than a hot dog and french fry sandwich?  This cost around $5 and I got to eat the leftovers which thrilled me too.

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